Google is the premier search engine on the internet. To find what you’re looking for, begin typing your topic into the search field in the center of the page. As you type, Google will attempt to guess (actually basing its “guess” on your previous searches as well as the most common search keywords) what you’re looking for. If it’s not guessing correctly, keep typing your phrase until it’s complete. Once the phrase in the field matches what you have intended, either press the Enter key on your keyboard or click on the Search button below the field.

Google’s search algorithm will then look at key words or phrases in your search phrase in order to find the most likely websites to find your information. The algorithm also uses other, less random factors related to the company’s marketing efforts to drive your traffic. The end result of these factors is a list of websites which are very likely to give you the information you need.

If you’ve got some spare time, you could use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. It will take you to a (somewhat) random site related to your search phrase.


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