I just finished watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Yes, I know, I’m very slow at these kinds of things. I’m not a keeper-upper when it comes to consuming media. I have, shall we say, unusual problems with episodic television, and don’t even get me started on movie theaters. But I digress.

Overall, I enjoyed the series. It was far from perfect, but in general it was very well done. I think it addressed (indirectly, of course) about the franchise was the fatal flaw of the prequel trilogy (or what I thought was the flaw, anyway). My beef with the prequel trilogy was that there was no clear-cut protagonist in any of the films.

I can practically hear the mutterings of fandom already about this (not that I have any illusions about how many readers I really have here). But think about it. Who was the “good guy” in Episode 1? Anakin the weird kid who blindly wanders into incredibly dangerous situations and “lucks” his way through them? Obi-Wan the teenager who really only barely appears in the movie? Oh, it must be Qui-Gon, who is so far outside the Jedi norm that he’s only barely tolerated by the Council? Maybe an argument can be made for Padme, if it weren’t for all of her deception. (The best argument I’ve heard is for R2-D2, to be honest.)

And Anakin never really manages to be the “good guy” in any of these movies. He’s at best a misunderstood idiot savant of a Jedi, and at worst a whiny little hypocrite who can’t cope with his entitled existence.

But Clone Wars (back to the point) does a better job of handling Anakin than the movies did. And the series also works to sometimes move the focus away from Anakin, letting others take the lead. I also like how they use Ahsoka to demonstrate how far off Anakin really is, in terms of his training and his emotional outbursts. (I also love that she walked away at the end. And that really should have been the end of the series – season 6 was totally unnecessary.)

So now I get to wait until Rebels makes it to Netflix. So it goes.


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