It’s been too long

Okay, I think it’s safe to say that I dropped the ball there. Just a bit.

I don’t want to bore you with the details, but it’s high time for me to fight my way through the distractions and recommit myself to this. And it’s not like there isn’t plenty going on to talk about, right?

Like the Batgirl variant cover. That’s been a big deal, right? The thing I find interesting about it is not that the cover got “leaked” or that it got pulled. It’s the way it happened, or at least the way it appeared to happen. I know what the artist says, and it’s not that I don’t believe him. But you can’t deny that social media had something to do with it. The backlash was strong (I’m not sure you could say it was huge, but it was led by some prominent folks in the community), and it was quick (immediate, one might say).

Do I agree with pulling the cover? Yes, I do. But not because of the cover itself*. I think that if you have a public way to vet these things, you have to use it. More specifically, I think you have to take it seriously when it tells you something. The point of releasing preview images is twofold: to drum up interest in the product, and to gauge the public’s response to the product. If you choose to release an image and then choose not to react to a strong negative response, you’re making a mistake. Possibly a big one.

That’s what I think. If you agree, or if you think I’m nuts, comment below or hit me up on Twitter. I’m always up for a good discussion.


*I think there were likely many better ways to pay homage to the cover art of The Killing Joke, or whatever the point was. Losing the look of panic on Batgirl’s face would have been a good start. But I digress.


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