Do you listen to podcasts?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned podcasts on the blog yet. I’m probably weird in that I don’t really get into audiobooks, but I really enjoy my podcasts. Perhaps the difference is that podcasts are a little more current? I’m not entirely sure. But here are a few of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Kenneth Hite and Robin Laws are two of the pre-eminent game designers in the business. They’re also both very much into movies, GMing, occult weirdness, history (both real and alternate), and a slew of other things. The combination makes this podcast really cool not only for gamers but also for writers (real and potential). Robin’s occasional Rob Ford updates are also a hoot for various reasons.

Writing Excuses

Four successful professional writers team up to talk about how they handle the problems they face in their work. This is a really useful podcast for potential writers, as they give advice on a really broad spectrum of topics. That they all write in different genres (fantasy, historical fiction, YA thrillers and science fiction/comedy) helps them give wide perspective as well.

Seven Days a Geek

This is a group of guys in Michigan (except for Oz, the Australian madman) waxing on random geeky topics. These guys are as real as they come, normal people like you and me, old friends getting together to shoot the bull and have fun. But they’re funny as hell, especially when they’re mercilessly tormenting each other, and Oz’s rants are a sound to behold.

Tell’em Steve-Dave

Three friends sitting around a table talking about basically whatever. It’s actually a little better planned than that, to be honest. Two guys from “Comic Book Men” and one of the “Impractical Jokers” getting together and doing what they love. And keep in mind that they were doing this podcast before they became otherwise famous. They’re all funny as hell and they’re doing a pretty good job of keeping it real.

These are only a few of many, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. Listen to these and I’ll toss some more at you later.


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