Blogging, writing, and blogging about writing

Sidenote: Sinus headaches suck. So endeth the rant.

I’m going to get a bit meta here, so please bear with me. I’m getting a little low on my list of potential blog posts, so it’s got me thinking about blogging in general. It’s an interesting phenomenon (I probably wouldn’t participate in it if I didn’t think so) and I sometimes wonder if I’m doing it right. All of the “how to blog” stuff online tells us that we should be giving our readers something. Not sure exactly how that applies to me, and I suspect that those people are talking about blogging from a professional standpoint (which I ain’t).

For me this is just about tricking myself into writing something consistently over a period of time. Essentially, it’s practice. For what I’m really not sure; I get this crazy idea every so often that I would like to be a writer (a published fiction writer or some variation). The problem that I have is that in order to be a writer, one must write. And for me, writing is a pain in the ass. I get hung up on details and usually can’t get past the story building stage.

And the standard writing advice is, um, less than helpful most of the time. They say “write what you know” but we all know that’s BS because if that were the case, how would we have all this awesome SF that writers have invented? They say “just write whatever comes to mind” but how does that work when you have a list of story pieces that you have to work together? At some point you have to stop and fix the problems you’ve caused in your story; show me a person who can simply write their way through that and I’ll show you someone who is deleting 98% of their word count every day. And don’t even get me started on daily word counts…

Anyway, my goal for my blog is to post a 500ish-word post every week, which usually happens on Sunday. I’m trying to stick to my personal interests, such as RPGs, comics, SF movies and fiction, horror movies, and so on. I’m trying to avoid making anything up, at least for now; maybe someday I will inflict fiction on you guys, but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. (I’ve got a “Twitter buddy” who would probably explode if she read that sentence. She’s a terrific writing coach.)

Generally speaking, I do my best to avoid saying things like “man, I could do a better job of writing that” to people, because eventually someone would hold my feet to the fire for it. (And rightly so; it’s kind of a dick thing to say.) And then I’d be forced to “start” my writing career. And that’s just not how I want to go about it. It would feel like an English 101 writing assignment, and that’s no fun for anyone.


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