Power is a funny thing

I finally got to play my monthly D&D game yesterday. It was exciting, mostly because the last session was in October. Life has been biting many of us very firmly on the ass lately, so it was good just to see everyone and talk a bit. But we got to game, too, which is always awesome, even if it was a short, RP-heavy session.

My character is Quentin; he’s a hobbit warlock (my DM and I have issues with the term “Halfling.” We both view it as pejorative, so we risk the wrath of the Tolkien estate* and call them hobbits.). This is in a 4E game, so the short (pun intended) description high charisma and intelligence, with strength and wisdom as dump stats. Quentin can be politely described as a forceful personality; his best skill is intimidate, if that tells you anything. So he’s a four-foot tall shouting machine to say the least. He has also done some body modification (he has altered his right arm and his right eye to gain certain powers), which really just adds to his “creepy little bastard” persona.

That said, Quentin is pretty much obsessed with power. What makes this fun is that he has no interest whatsoever in dominating people; he’s not a despot, he’s a wielder of arcane power and wants to acquire more of it. He has one overarching goal – to ascend to godhood. He has had this goal since level one (which went over well socially, let me tell you).

So I’ve spent his entire heroic tier acquiring personal power. I’ve done this mostly in terms of maximizing the usefulness of spells and feats (I rarely take a feat that doesn’t give me more than one benefit, and I’m very careful to choose spells that fit with Q’s goals and other abilities, as well as those of the rest of the party) and in finding and buying magic items (I’ve spent most of my career thus far flat broke, with the logic that money in my pocket will not help me kill the undead army that we always seem to be faced with.)

Now I’m about to move into the paragon tier, and I’m trying to decide how that path will change. So now I think it’s time to start building a network of powerful people I can call on for help or favors or whatever. Q is starting to look into extraplanar communication, and hopes to build some contacts (preferably not horrendously evil ones, but we’ll see how it goes). That way I can steadily work toward upgrading the contacts until I get to epic tier and can start moving in circles that will get me into the kind of power needed for ascension. My logic is that it can’t hurt for the power structures to already know who I am, and to build a good reputation in those organizations.

I make it sound easy, right? Fortunately my DM is cool about such off-the-wall planning. He loves it when we give him backstory to work with, as well as ideas for how under-defined rules could work. And my whole plan with Quentin has been to aspire beyond what’s normal. And besides that, it’s fun to try to push the limits of the game system. It’s certainly more fun that just bitching that it’s broken.

*I’m pretty sure the Tolkien estate doesn’t give two sh!ts about us and our game. We aren’t making any money off of it, and if they would like to claim everything a middle school teacher and a copy editor own, there’s probably nothing we can do to stop them.


2 responses to “Power is a funny thing

  1. Sounds like a fun game and a fun character. I love stuff that has the potential to go off the rails. My old Pathfinder game just started back up yesterday and I’m sad to have missed it. New parent stuff.

    My personal preference is to run Kender… just without the mental impairment.

  2. I never got into Dragonlance; I think we were playing GURPS when that got big. I think the lesson we all learned from kender, though, was that most people aren’t very good at RPing chaotic. Which makes me wonder if I could have pulled it off… 🙂

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