Some comics worth noting

It’s been a while now, so I think I want to throw out some more comics that, to be blunt, I think are awesome. This is just a limited sampling, of course, and most of these are newer titles (most have published only three or four issues). But anyway, on to the goodness.

Mind Mgmt

This is the oldest book on this list, and it just keeps getting better. Conspiracies. Psychic powers. Shady government organizations. Unkillable assassins. Mind control. And a huge mystery radiating from the center, which is really hard to pinpoint but probably has something to do with the central character Meru. This is just an amazing book.

Red Sonja

I love how this book does two things: it maintains the flavor of “low fantasy” that it needs to be a successful Red Sonja book, and it modernizes Sonja enough so that she can be funny as well as a complete combat badass. The combo gives the book depth in a more accessible way than most fantasy books, and I think that’s a good thing for the genre.

Ten Grand

As supernatural mysteries go, Ten Grand is pretty damn good. Not only is it a compelling story, but the art is just stunning. It would be really hard to maintain the level of art that this book presents, but to continue to do so with an artist change is remarkable. JMS is setting the bar awfully high with this one.

Rat Queens

Yes, I’m a fantasy geek. Yes, I’m a D&D geek. This book is awesome without either of those factors. Is it better if you are a D&D geek? Maybe, but what makes it great are the comedy and the team dynamic. These girls are funny and they know each other and work together well. (I’m trying really hard not to bring up Skullkickers in this, but Rat Queens is at least that good.)

Pretty Deadly

In my humble opinion, the best western stories are not really western stories. They’re stories that have little to do with the setting; they are stories that have to be told and it doesn’t matter when or where they’re set. (Not a big western fan, obviously.) And at the risk of sounding too “literature,” Pretty Deadly is the closest thing to poetry that I’ve ever seen in comics. Forget that it’s set as a western – read this book!

Honorable mention: Monsters! & Other Stories. I just reviewed this book, and it’s amazing because it tells complete stories (three of them) without the use of dialogue. There are almost no words at all in this trade paperback; the stories are told exclusively with the art. And it still manages to combine horror and comedy. A fantastic book.

Now go read comics!


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