Playing games with grownups

As of this writing it’s been almost three months since my monthly D&D group has played. This is, needless to say, a growing source of frustration for each of us in the group. Unfortunately, though, it’s all part of the challenge of being an adult gamer.

Of the five of us, we each have a list of varied reasons why scheduling a session can be difficult, so it’s not like we can blame one person and kick them out of the group. I’m the warlock (who styles himself the leader of the party), and in real life I’m married with a kid, which adds layers of complications in scheduling an entire weekend day to be away from home. The party cleric has a live-in girlfriend with a retail job schedule, so his availability varies. The ranger’s woman also has a weird work schedule. The fighter runs marathons and death races, so she’s got her own problems on the weekends (which has in the past included not being able to drive a car due to injury). And our illustrious DM is a teacher; anyone who knows a teacher understands why that’s all that needs to be said.

Long story short, it’s a challenge. Our monthly group gets in ten sessions a year in a good year. I think last year was eight. We set aside for a ten-hour session, and we’ve talked about doing shorter sessions to try to fix the planning problems, but we also have distance issues. DM and I are the outer points on the map, and we’re an hour and a half apart. That makes the ten-hour session turn into twelve or more pretty fast. And by that point the day is shot. In contrast, a five-hour session is still seven hours, which is still a huge chunk of the day.

Anyway, I’m just ranting now. Jonesing for a game. I’ve got Diablo 3 to amuse me between sessions, but it’s not exactly the same, you know?

PS- We’re scheduled to play next week. So yay!


3 responses to “Playing games with grownups

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