Twitter and making friends (or not)

Confession time: I’m not a pet person. I don’t particularly like either dogs or cats. This, of course, makes me a freakish anomaly on Twitter. The plethora of cat pictures in my timeline is something that rankles me a bit, but I tolerate it. (I would claim to not get the whole “food porn” thing, too, but my old obsession with the Food Network would just sit there glaring at me about it. But I don’t participate in it.)

The other thing that makes me a Twitter anomaly is that I’m really quite introverted. Twitter is the “stand up and shout” social media outlet, and I’m just not that guy. Oh, I tweet, don’t get me wrong. But the vast majority of my activity over there comes in the form of retweeting the stand-ups and shouts of others. The tweets I find amusing or informative are the ones that I share with my TL.

I get a little frustrated sometimes at having to sift through so much chatter to get the interesting and useful tidbits that I want. I spend a couple of hours a day reading through a fairly small chunk of my timeline (Lists are a really useful tool for those of you with hordes of followings, BTW), and in all honesty I really only care about maybe 10% of what I see. I don’t say this to belittle any of my faithful followers, of course; it’s really just my personal tastes at play.

What keeps me interested is the conversations, going back and forth with the people who are willing to do so. And don’t be fooled – not everyone is willing. Many, especially those with a crap-ton of followers, simply ignore the Connect/Interactions screens entirely and turn off all notifications. Which is probably for the best, as they get hundreds if not thousands of replies to each tweet, and a lot of them are just lame-ass “zomg plz follow me” replies (but that’s another post). And then there are those who simply aren’t interested in my (or any) replies. Which is fine, I guess, but I have a hard time seeing the point of one-way social media.

Heh, all of this from the guy with the ranty-ass random blog posts… no worries, folks, I am well aware of the definition of irony 😉

PS – is it redundant to start a blog post with “Confession time”?


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