Calendar thingies

Sorry I’m late. I’m trying to post every Sunday, but I was visiting family over the weekend. Lame excuses and all that.

Anyway, I’m not much for calendar landmarks normally, but we’ve had a few holidays lately. I hope everyone has enjoyed them in whatever way they prefer to do so. I’m sure this sounds pretty non-committal and bland, but I have gotten a bit annoyed at how people choose to be offended by things that are supposed to be pleasant. Perhaps it’s just holiday burnout, I don’t know.

Maybe in the new year if we all just tried a little harder to get along, we could actually be happy. I really wish that everyone was interested in being happy, but I see very little evidence that that’s the case. If half of the people like that could just grasp the idea that life is balance, and usually not a particularly fair balance, we’d all see some improvement in life. And if we could all just try to remember that each of us is not the center of the universe, perhaps we’d see some improvement.

So at the risk of pissing off half of the world’s population, Happy New Year! 😉


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