Webcomics – weirdness and fun

I recently rediscovered webcomics. I blame Twitter, of course, but I blame Twitter for a lot of things (as does Mrs. Geek, but that’s for a totally different list of things). Talk about an amazing genre – you can do just about anything in a webcomic. Any genre or subgenre you can dream up, any form of madness you want to inflict on the world (or that you need to vent out of your own head), there are enough of them out there that you might be able to find it out there already.

So here are a few of my favorites:

Order of the Stick. This one follows the exploits of an adventuring party a la D&D. If you’re into fantasy gaming, you should be reading this comic. Serious plot arcs with really funny dialogue and fourth wall references. Oh, and spoiler alert: they’re all stick figures. 😉

Something Positive. SP follows a group of friends through their “normal” lives. Strong R rating for language and the psychological issues of pretty much all of the characters. Very twisted, but funny as hell (and it’s possible that this says a lot about me).

D20 Monkey. This one is the study of a group of gamers, the games they play and the relationships they have in and out of game. The complexity of the characters alone is a big part of why I would loooove to game with this guy.

Tavern Wenches. Another fun D&D related comic. This one follows the inner workings of a tavern called A Need for Mead, which is the central control point of a fantasy campaign. Many of the NPCs from the campaign work or meet there, and they all conspire against the PCs in their own way. Sarcasm and inside gaming jokes abound.

Hmm. Looks like I’ll have to do this again soon. That doesn’t even scratch the surface


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