Playing roles

Hey gang. Another exciting installment comin’ atcha. 🙂 This one is about my gaming status today; I’ll probably go into my gaming history sometime soon. That’s called a teaser, folks…

I’m currently a player in two games. The longer-running one is a 4e D&D game that’s been running for about three years. The main party is made up of mostly 8th level PCs; I say “main” because as an experiment we started a secondary group, with the same players. We actually got tired of running the B-team, as we called them, but I’m digressing now.

My character is Quentin Thistletop, 8th-level hobbit warlock (I despise the term “halfling” so I refuse to use it in game; fortunately the DM agrees with me). Now, many 4e players hate the warlock class, but I find it enjoyable. The big knock is that they’re crappy strikers, but the PHB states that upfront, really, so I was prepared. The fun thing is that they’re also crappy controllers, but I’m wandering again. Quentin is a charisma-based warlock, which makes him the party mouthpiece by default (even his untrained social skills are better than anyone else’s, trained or not). The problem with this is that his highest skill (the highest skill in the party, in fact) is Intimidate. (It’s not his only social skill, but Streetwise only goes so far.) So most of the time he comes across as a belligerent, overbearing dick – but he makes a conscious effort to rein it in when he needs to, and he’s a pretty good judge of that (high intelligence also).

My other game is a Call of Cthulhu game that we run online with the help of Obsidian Portal and Roll20. The GM in this game is one of the players from the D&D game. We’ve only been at it for about three months, so things are just starting to get hairy at this point. It’s my first go at CoC, but I’m pretty well versed in Lovecraft, so it’s fun for me. I’m playing Andrew Farrell, a lawyer from Boston who inherited a small practice in Arkham. I’m still working on getting a feel for the character, so I’m not sure how to describe him. I rolled really well for stats, so he’s an impressive dude overall, and I think the other players have unofficially voted me “party leader” (though that’s probably as much about Andrew’s public persona than anything else; the others are a Russian spy and a Mongolian horse trainer, so I’m the “native”).

I’m sure I’ll ramble on about my games as time goes on. When I actually get readers, I might even poll you to gauge interest in such things. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself… see you next time.


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