The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

Yay, the infamous second post. (Don’t worry – I’m sure I’ll get less meta as I get the hang of this.) This is the one that 97.43% of blogs never reach.* And lucky you, noble reader, because I still have no idea what my point is with this blog.

So it’s brainstorming time. Let’s see, the unavoidable list of the things I love, or at least pretend to care about. We’ll start with roleplaying games of the tabletop variety. I never have been all that good at videogames, despite having played them since they were little more than text on a monochrome computer monitor (that’s right, I remember using a 2400 baud modem, folks – how many of you even know what that means?). Let’s chalk it up to mediocre hand-eye coordination and leave it at that. So I’ve got tons of experience playing D&D and the like. But I never managed to make a career of it, and I don’t even get to play as much as I like (having a family will do that to you – all I can do now is start to indoctrinate the first grader). So I can wax a bit on RPGs, and probably will from time to time. But I don’t think it will be the main point.

Next is comic books. I write reviews over at, and to be honest I don’t really want to crosslink that stuff here.  So I’m sure I’ll talk about the books here, especially my favorites, but again, probably not the main focus.

I’m relatively active on Twitter too (@MikeyGeek in case you’ve missed the link) but I have to admit that I don’t focus much there either. I tend to reply to or retweet the stuff that interests me or cracks me up. And there is a sizable list of repeat offenders in both categories. Check me out over there; I follow back for the most part (unless you’re an obvious bot or it looks like we have nothing in common).

I don’t really get into political stuff, though, so you need not worry about me boring you with that. I get annoyed pretty fast with it myself.

Oh, and I read (and have read) quite a bit. A Master’s in English will do that for you, if nothing else. I have a pretty broad base of books under my belt, and much of that is SF and the classics.

Now that I think about it (and I’m totally freewriting this) it appears that I’m really just listing all the stuff I’m going to write about. I don’t believe for a minute that I’ll be consistent about any of it, but it will all be related by the fact that it’s in my head at that moment and needs to come out. I have never really been very good at journaling, so I’ll be trying to convince myself that this isn’t journaling. (Having a point would have helped that, but c’est la vie.**)

But as long as you don’t mind a little randomness, we’ll be fine. Keep those expectations low, boys and girls (and others), and we’ll get along swimmingly.

And I still need a signoff. Maybe next time.

*Totally made up that statistic. May or may not keep doing that. 🙂

**Pardon my French. Especially since that’s just about all of it.


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